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The effort and work with trying to stay a head of injuries is never ending. Preventing time away from training and many weeks standing still, is for many crucial this time of the year. Get to know your horse and make sure to give him time to recover in between hard training. We use light therapy and massage/magnetic blanket from ActivoMed. For the inside of the horse we use VetCur products 🤩🙌🏽👏🏼#pharmalight #pharmalightnorway #pharmalightnorge #ledlighttherapy #activomedblanket #activomed #vetcur #vetcurbiotec
Thanks Emilie 😁🙏 He looks amazing 🤩🙌🏽 Repost from @emiliegjellan_eq using @RepostRegramApp - Tristan looks amazing in his new rug from @pharmalightnorge , only the best for the best🌟 Amazing service and fast delivery, would absolutely recommend! #icelandichorse #horsesoficeland #islandshest #tristanfrånjarde
The last 10 days have really put a mark on all of us. We are handling it different but overall, this is scary, uncertain and gives a feeling of what the f*** is going on. The only time during the day that I’m not thinking of this is on the horse. Horses should be on reimbursable prescription they say here in Norway. And I do agree, this is healthy for body and soul ❤️. De senaste 10 dagarna har präglat oss alla pga Coronaviruset. Vi hanterar det på olika sätt men i grund och botten så är detta skumt, ovisst och ger en va f** är det som sker känsla. Den ena stunden på dagen jag inte tänker på detta är på hästryggen 🥰. Häst borde vara på blårecept säger man här Norge och jag kan inte vara mer enig. Detta är gott både för kropp och själ ❤️. #hestpåblåresept #fagerbits #goldblackedition #pharmalight #pharmalightnorge #pharmalightnorway